Apologies for not replying sooner as your questions made me take a re look at the primary motivators not only in the letter but on my website too. So I went away and re designed the website to utilise those motivators and try generically grouping them to create the overall motivator of need.
The primary motivators can only attract acceptance if they are used to:-
Improve Efficiency
Improve Self Worth
Improve Personal Job Prospects
Improve Financial Position
These four complex arguments can be further broken down to target individual readers of the letter.
I then needed to look at the hierarchical structure of any position and combine the two.
So in relation to the letter and the site it would be as follows.
Government (National Management)
Local Government (Pre defined area management)
Senior Management (management of any district within the area)
Middle Management (Management of a hub or network within the district)
Junior Management (Management of tasks within the hub)
Supervisory Management (Management of sub tasks)
Team leader (Management of defined sub task parts)
Advisor (Management of any related sub task on an individual level)
The old saying relating to any task in any position is what it will do for me!
It is then necessary in my opinion to break these Motivators down and relate them to two simple personal arguments.
Proof and necessity!
If I can prove its ability to enhance any persons primary motivator
If you want it you will buy it if it fills a need!
Then all I have to do is create that image inside the readers head!
The problem with the successful creation of a tool to enhance a person’s ability to improve ones position in society is where the marketing to those primary motivators and influences appears.
So my letter to an advisor would be different to a letter to the government official tasked with improving efficiency. The letter you read was designed to influence the top tiers of this process.
Further more defined letters still have to be produced to simply make the reader think it improves one of the primary motivators.
At the bottom of the ladder the motivators are different to those at the top.


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