We know RED is used as a definition of danger or warning but is red considered dangerous or does it act as a visual warning when utilised in web page design?
There is no simple answer to this as many people only perceive red as signals to danger dependent upon the situation they are in and the strength of the visual signal being transmitted.
One complex answer can be found HERE!
Another less complex answer can be found HERE!
You are walking along a country lane and see a field with a big red sign saying danger Bull.
Your first thought will be there is a bull in this field so I had better be careful.
If this field is a short cut to your destination then you have to evaluate the risk involved in crossing a field with a bull in it, compared to the time saved by taking this short cut.
If however the bull is present in your view you can then adjudge if the bull is a perceived threat to you and make a decision based on that outcome.
If the bull is old and haggard your thoughts will turn to the ability to successfully out run it.
At the end of the day the colour red has only warned you about an imminent danger and if you care not to heed that visual signal then risk has to be considered.
Now consider that you walk to work every day and this shortcut saves an extra hours walking?
Would you take the risk?
I can not answer it for I am not in your shoes!
How would you answer it!
It is therefore important to consider carefully your CV’s visual appearance and that visual appearance always starts with the page colour and its links.
Red may be your favorite colour so it is important then to consider the colour tone. A high bright red will have many different tones before it reaches a more subtle tone.
Red used in words
Simple variations of Red used in graphics

It has always been considered that online CV’s should use pastel colour tones as they by definition of the word do not shout and blend the online CV into a visually attractive presentation.
If you think about it tones can be used to denote shouting in visual appearances, similar to capitalised words in sentences.
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