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This is where you set the scene… Try not to waffle – keep it relevant to the job you’re applying for, so only highlight the career experience and skills that would make you stand out from the crowd for THIS job.
This is also where you can put a brief explanation about why you’ve been out of work for a while. Leave all negatives aside and concentrate on the positives…
e.g. “I have been out of work for XX months following a decision to change careers. During this time I have done [course/experience/volunteering/information gathering for your new career etc] and I now feel that this period of gaining new skills, along with my past career history, would make me an excellent candidate for this role.



ADDRESS     Current address
EMAIL             Best email to reach you on
TELEPHONE  Mobile and/or home phone
NOTE: You do not need to include information on your gender or date of birth but you may want to state your nationality in this section if you are British or your right to work in the UK if not.


DATES: Start date of your most recent jobwhen you left your job
JOB TITLE: Your full job title
COMPANY: Full business name of your company
A sentence briefly explaining what the company does.
Ÿ  Add bullet points briefly highlighting your key responsibilities here
Ÿ  Read the job description of the job you’re applying for and keep it relevant
Ÿ  You don’t want to put too many bullet point here – certainly no more than 10 as a general rule.
Ÿ  Did you win an award? Maybe you consistently beat targets? Perhaps you were commended by your boss for a particular skill? Brag about it here!
[Repeat for all of the jobs you have had. The more relevant jobs should have more detail and if you have a long career history, leave out any early jobs if they are not relevant]  


Ÿ  Here you can add in any additional personality attributes like being punctual, a team player, motivational or ambitious.
Ÿ  If you’ve been out of work for a while, include any courses you have done or any skills you have gained from what you’ have been doing during your career break.
Ÿ  Also add in any extra qualifications or skills you have, from Microsoft Excel skills through to the ability to speak another language.


University dates (if applicable):  UNI NAME
QUALIFICATIONS: List any qualifications gained.
College/Sixth Form dates (if applicable): COLLEGE NAME
QUALIFICATIONS: List any qualifications gained.
School dates: SCHOOL NAME
QUALIFICATIONS: List any qualifications gained.
(NOTE: if you have no qualifications, include details of your school attended but leave out the qualifications section. If asked in interview it’s easier to explain then)


Available on request
NB:- You can also visit my comprehensive online CV at this address (Your CV Website Address) and enter the code (if password protected) to view my references.
I can also be contacted at this address, should you deem my skills worthy of utilising in other areas of your organisation; to discuss any relevant positions you may have other than the one I am currently applying for.

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