The best way to do this is set up CIC as defined by the Companies Act as

Community Interest Company
A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a type of Limited Company, with special additional features created for the use of people who want to conduct business of other activity for community benefit rather than private advantage. A CIC is essentially a business with social objectives that trades and whose
surpluses are principally re-invested (a Social Enterprise). The difference between a Community Interest Company (CIC) and a Company Limited by Guarantee is that a CIC has a statutory ‘asset lock’ to prevent the assets and profits being distributed, except as permitted by legislation. This ensures the assets and
profits are retained within the Community Interest Company for community purposes, or transferred to another asset – locked organisation, such as another Community Interest Company or Charity.
The main advantage of a Community Interest Company
relatively easy to setup
limited liability
flexibility to pay directors for the delivery of services
flexibility to trade
The main disadvantage of a Community Interest Company
cannot register as a Charity or an Industrial & Provident Society so are unable to benefit from tax
Can be undemocratic
Is regulated by Companies House and by the CIC regulator
More expensive than a company as additional fees are paid to the CIC regulator
Which organisations use this type of structure?
it will have employees;
it will trade and deliver services under contractual agreements;
it will regularly enter into commercial contracts
it will be a the owner of freehold or leasehold land or other property
It will trade through the selling of goods and services it provides
It will need to pay its directors


so we can foresee a few problems with this and the first one is where it says it can be undemocratic.
These are written in the memorandum of articles “The rules it must obey”
Everything this organisation needs to grow will be agreed by its members and all running costs will be clearly outlined in a detailed monthly profit and loss account visible to all members of this site.
Each time an improvement is required or agreed then all members will be given a clear outline of the requirements including costs.; which will then allow you to vote for or against its necessity.
Dependent upon the complexity or cost of the project determines the weight of voting. For instance if this site needs to purchase a theme which would benefit its members as a whole then a 60% agreement would be needed. However if the site needs a capital purchase or wishes to donate part of its surplus to people churches or organisations that benefit and promote spiritualism then that weight would raise to 85% In effect the more expensive the item or the more valued the gift the the greater the approval percentage needed to distribute reserves or invest in capital expenditure.
The total voting power of all members is 100 and each member shall get one percent of the total based on current member totals. If there are only 50 members then each members total vote weight will be 2. If their are 400 members then each members vote weight will be 100/400 = .25%
The member voting allowance will be restricted to those members who do not advertise for profit or only advertise for profit below the minimum expected living standard outlined previously in The Future Of Spiritualism and shall only kick in when 10 people, churches, NFP organisations etc and above have been registered as members of this site with full voting privileges.
This also does not restrict those genuine cottage industries whose standards reflect  this, allowing this organisation wishes to promote or utilise those industries for the benefit of the good, whole or movement. to be voted upon.
In short, people have to live and to live expenses are incurred and dedicating something to something takes time money and committent, however profiteering is something that should be scorned as you were given a gift and as such you should never make profit for that’s where all fraud starts and greed becomes the ruling thought path.
I have seen a lot of corruption in all types of companies and authoritative groups and am determined to ensure corruption is not achievable within this organisation and its structure, its membership and its voting system.
Spiritualism is about giving not taking!!
The simple arguments above allow parity, clarity, and uniformity to exist in harmony and are part of this organisations attempts to show such.


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