Planner Inspector
Family is of the utmost importance to the ISTJ. The order and schedule of a home life is very important. Any family member who rebels against order is likely to anger the ISTJ who revolves their life around a sense of conformity. The ISTJ is likely to want breakfast at 8, lunch at 12 and dinner at 6 no matter what, holidays with the family are of paramount importance and no sacrifice is too great to keep the unit intact.
The ISTJ likes to also have order in their friends and in their appearance. Hanging out with the wild and crazy isn’t likely to happen. ISTJ’s tend to develop strong, loyal, consistent friendships that stand the test of time. ISTJ’s may have trouble showing emotion but within the strength of a time-tested friendship they often find comfort.

In love relationships the ISTJ is a strong believer in taking responsibility. They also say the things they mean. Often they are accused of being uncaring but they view the benchmark of commitment by actions and not words. The ISTJ is more interested in being the Rock of Gibraltar and day to day success than words that are not backed up with actions.
The predominant configuration of the UK Military is ISTJ. If you like order the military is the place to be. Other professions that tend to draw the ISTJ’s wants for schedules and results oriented satisfaction are general surgery, law and accounting. The ISTJ can be a success at any career but tend to shy away from careers that require abstract thinking and interpersonal spontaneity. Other popular ISTJ career directions include: Management, Accounting, Auditing, Engineer, Dentists, Stock Brokers and Law.
The ISTJ is often a good student. In classes such as science and math they tend to excel due to their factual nature. More abstract classes tend to frustrate the ISTJ but they try to do what “should” be done. In summation the ISTJ student will usually try to do what the instructor asks because that is what should be done.

Protector Supporter
The ISFJ has a strong sense of duty; this is both beneficial and troubling. They tend to value “being there” and can be counted on in the worst of times. They also tend to let people take advantage of them and will remain silent to avoid conflict. In families this can be a double-edged trait. In the family you can often find the ISFJ in the kitchen, preparing a meal and enjoying the responsibility of doing so. Taking care of the family and putting up with the complaints in the name of harmony is often a role the ISFJ will find themselves.
In friendship the ISFJ is the friend you can count on. They may not enjoy being intruded upon but their high sense of duty will compel them to do what needs to be done. Friends will often complain that they let people walk all over them but this matters little to the ISFJ
In love the ISFJ often becomes the quiet reserved backbone of a relationship. They will put all of their needs on hold in an effort to keep the relationship intact. They may tend to move slowly but every step is a sure step and their level of commitment is usually high.
A big part of the ISFJ’s life is work. No matter what the professions this type can be counted on to find rewarding, fulfilling roles in the work place. If not, expect them to work harder in an effort to find that sense of duty and service. The ISFJ isn’t looking for a nice retirement package or the golden goose; they use work as a means of balancing a productive life. Nancy Reagan, who didn’t believe in weekends, is a famous ISFJ. Other popular ISFJ career directions include: Counselling, Ministry, Library Work, Nursing, Dental Hygienist’s and Musicians.
As long as nobody is making waves the ISFJ is a happy student. Practical well-defined classes make the ISFJ at ease in the learning environment. While a stubborn streak may exist in the ISFJ they will ultimately conform to whatever authority figure is in front of them.

Foreseer Developer
INFJ’s are often an inspiration to others. They find themselves in the middle of family because they are often insightful and keen at interrupting tension. If there is too much family tension, INFJ’s will shun the tension centres conversely if there is a centre of joy and warmth the INFJ may never leave.
The INFJ can be quiet and unassuming if not stimulated in a group. They may appear disinterested but below the surface are a thousand ideas waiting to come out. Once those ideas are tapped they often become the life of the party. They can also shut down just as fast as they start up which often confuses people.
In relationships the INFJ can create problems out of their desire to eliminate them. They have such an over-riding want for harmony that they often try too hard to avoid discord. INFJ’s will ignore inner burdens in an effort to avoid the external, creating a pressure filled potential for explosion. Once the INFJ learns to articulate its want for harmony the achievement is that much more attainable.
The INFJ enjoys working and learning and can often be found in the educational fields that allow for further development. They enjoy working and often take pride in the work and people they work with. They often forget to articulate this pride, which can frustrate those working with them. Other popular INFJ career directions include: Career Counsellor, Psychologist, Special Education Teacher and Architects.
Any chance the INFJ has to learn and broaden their horizons, they will. That is good news in the scholastic environment. The INFJ has the ability to dream even though they don’t always reveal it. It often manifests itself in their ability to succeed in creative situations. Their love of learning will take them to rewarding heights in the classroom.

Conceptualizer Director
INTJ is a type steeped in independence. Many of their relationships will develop slowly due to a perceived arrogance. In the family as well as all other fronts for the INTJ life can always be better. They expect people and performance to get better everyday, which means they ultimately become frustrated with others. A battle of wills within the family is not unexpected when INTJ’s are involved
The same need for improvement can make for difficult friendships with INTJ’s. They are slow in developing due to their perceived arrogance and will not tolerate stagnation. They enjoy learning through arguing or “friendly discussions” but these scenarios are often interpreted as obnoxious behaviour.
In love relationships the INTJ runs the risk of being misunderstood. They will challenge a mate to improve and view it as the ultimate act of love, to foster development. But INTJ’s need to also verbally communicate this intention as a positive and not be caught in a “bully” role.
INTJ’s view work as another system that can be improved. They will become frustrated if not given the opportunity to make things better. They often do well in Laboratory environments where systems can be set in place to achieve maximum output, remember the maximum can always be better. Other popular INTJ career directions include: Management Consultant, Economist, Computer Programmer and Mathematician.
The INTJ can have trouble in school if not properly motivated. A rigidly structured school can frustrate their yearning to make things better and they can become aloof. Their intelligence is unquestioned but their ability to stomach someone else’s way can prevent them from achieving success.

Analyser Operator
The ISTP is ready to try anything once. Keeping others off-guard is the environment the ISTP is happy with, whether its taking charge to fix a problem or generating a burst of humour that turns into the life of a party. This can be tough for friends.
Being in a relationship with an ISTP can be difficult due to the hands off attitude they often posses. They are loath to change especially if they believe others are attempting to control them. Their spontaneous nature is usually good natured and fun.
Family events are a mixed bag for the ISTP. The ISTP has little need for the social activity such events bring but rather enjoys the procedure. After an event, in the glow of success or failure, is where many ISTP’s will look for social interaction.
Work that is routine like an administrator or open-ended like research is not what the ISTP is looking for. They need a career that will allow for spontaneous energy in problem solving and have a tangible, achievable goal. Other popular ISTP career directions include: Pilot, Police Officer, Medical Technician, and Paralegal.
Learning is most enjoyable for the ISTP when it is relevant and experimental. The best way to learn is by doing in the ISTP world. The more abstract a class becomes, the less an ISTP will become, don’t be surprised to hear the phrase “what does this have to do with anything?” come out of the ISTP’s mouth.

Composer Producer
The ISFP is likely to enjoy the spontaneity of a friendship. This is good and bad because if you like structuring the ISFP may frustrate people with their constant new thoughts and need for inspiration
The ISFP is non-imposing and cares about others feelings. In love relationships they may seem less than serious but in reality they are always trying to change to make better. Standing still is a great fear for the ISFP.
They enjoy the excitement that family reunions can bring especially the opportunity to share new ideas. If the family is constricting this will have a really negative effect on ISFP.
The ISFP enjoys a challenge and working with people. They tend to understand fields that produce new thought patterns and are often found in the field of psychology or medical research. They will usually have the need for human service so an action effect scenario is often craved. Other popular ISFP career directions include: Bookkeeper, Dental Assistant, Radiology Technologist, Botanist and Social Worker.
The ISFP can often be viewed as the “daydreamer”. They will often question the “now” and can be a little obnoxious in their dogmatic view of education. The ISFP doesn’t always crave higher education.

Harmonizer Clarifier
The INFP often lets others get the best of them. The INFP doesn’t believe in ‘rocking the boat’ and that can frustrate friends who wait for the INFP to take action. There is almost nothing the INFP will do in order to avoid conflict.
In a love relationship the INFP feels more than they express. This is a double-edged sword because they never fully explain what bothers them and therefore never really solve a problem. They live by a code that calls for harmony but are often caught in between the desired harmony and the inability to express their frustrations.
If the family is jovial and getting along the INFP is extremely happy but the second things get unpleasant the INFP is out the door.
The INFP wants to help their fellow man. The field of teaching is full of INFP’s as is church service groups and the medical profession. This is not to say the INFP isn’t interested in money, they will strive to get a healthy balance of both. Hard work is nothing new to the INFP and they almost crave it. Other popular INFP career directions include: Designer, College Professor, Researcher and Human Resources.
The INFP will ask, “Who am I?” and want a real answer. They work hard and school is a simple operation of applying the hard work, but the question of self is their ultimate question and drives their educational desires.

Designer Theorizer
The last minute planner is often found in the INTP. They are in such a rush to discover and feel everything that they are in a constant state of planning. The idea of changing on a dime is never a problem for the INTP.
In love relationships, patience is key in dealing with the INTP. They are always ready to explore the deepest reaches of love and commitment but can also reverse course with alarming speed. What is often seen, as a lack of caring is really just the inability to plan.
The family is a great tool for the INTP to explore who they are. They will often do the entire family root discovering in an effort to find out more information and gain more knowledge about the base of their family and ultimately themselves.
The INTP needs to find a challenge. They love to problem solve. If they ever find themselves in a situation that doesn’t challenge them, they will grow discontented and depressed. Listlessness is their greatest pain. Other popular INTP career directions include: Strategic Planning, Writer, Lawyer, and Computer Programmer.
The INTP has many interests and due to this broad range often find school difficult due to the need for focus. Often where it was tough to get through grade school, the INTP will thrive in the college environment.

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