Promoter Executor
The ESTP loves to be the centre of attention. They also live for the moment. Difficult for friends sometimes because they will almost never plan and view it as a waste of time. Their lack of order is difficult for others to deal with.

In love relationships they change from day to day but can be very caring, as long as they are the centre of attention!
Family occasions are another opportunity to become the centre of attention. They are therefore very family oriented and provide leadership and direction within the family event.
The ESTP is a type often found in professional sports and really any career that offers day to day changes. Getting stuck in a rut that doesn’t allow for the spontaneity of the ESTP is painful for them. Other popular ESTP career directions include: Real Estate Broker, Chef, Physical Therapist, Electrical Engineer and Flight Attendant.
Often the ESTP is labelled a slow learner or hyperactive, nothing could be further from the truth. The ESTP student is creative and resourceful and is always looking for a challenge. They will seek attention and that usually comes two ways in school, for good behaviour and bad.

Motivator Presenter
The ESFP is a type that is concerned with the here and now and gives little thought to what happens later. Others often see them as dizzy or hyper. They don’t get wrapped up in making plans and that can be tough on friendship.
In love relationships they push for excitement and are often viewed as shallow due to their quick surface reactions. This is not true. It’s the difficulty in getting deep that comes from always dealing in the moment.
The family is another happening opportunity for the ESFP. They are not likely to be big planners for the family events but will always try to make them entertaining. If confrontation arises they will often vacate away from the epicentre of the discontent.
The ego and desire for attention and action make the ESFP a nice match for the arts and theatre professions. Jobs that offer instant gratification and offer any type of public service will seem extremely attractive to the ESFP. Other popular ESFP career directions include: Veterinarian, Floral Designer, Child Care Provider, Elementary Teacher and Emergency Room Nurse.
The ESFP is an excellent student as long as actively learning and in the process. Their discontent will grow if not constantly challenged and busy. Often the social aspects of schooling become more important than the actual learning.

Discoverer Advocate
The ENFP will often seek friendship from a wide variety of types. They look for the potential in people and always look for new possibilities. They often appear to be over positive and can appear insincere.
In love relationships they are intensely loyal but are often looking to make the relationship a little better or think it’s not quite what it could be.
In the family the ENFP is a giant party with ENFP looking for the best in everyone often over looking the reality of others limitations. They will look to take any event and try to make it ‘The’ event. Family affirmation is after all still affirmation.
ENFP’s need to work with people. They also believe they can do anything and that it should be fun. This can cause the ENFP to try a few careers before settling on just one. Many ENFP’s find medicine and psychology as great avenues for helping people and pushing their potential. Other popular ENFP career directions include: Speech Pathologist, HR Development Trainer, Artist, and Designer.
Education for the ENFP is another step in the journey for affirmation. They generally do well and are people pleasers. They tend to do better on essay tests rather than the structure of a one right answer test.

Explorer Inventor
The ENTP is all about enthusiasm. The ENTP also has the problem of not always following through on the ideas they will so enthusiastically promote. They believe that almost anything can be made better. This is not always easy for friends to deal with.
In love relationships the ENTP one can expect to be challenged, usually by anything that may come along. This is usually good and bad, interesting but also irritating. The ENTP will usually be at the centre and view themselves that way.
The ENTP enjoys the family since it is another opportunity to exchange ideas. Though not always a consistent behaving member of the family, they like to show and engage in discussion.
Work that allows the ENTP to be challenged and stimulated will be highly attractive. Work that binds an ENTP to standard operating procedures will be ultimately frustrating and stress inducing. Computer Science, financial advising and teaching are all endeavour’s that may be attractive to the ENTP. Other popular ENTP career directions include: Systems Designer, Actor, Real Estate Agent, Politician and Computer Analyst.
The ENTP would much rather learn by getting involved than by being lectured to. In true entrepreneurial spirit, if their involvement results in something that can be used shared or marketed, so much the better.

Implementer Supervisor
The ESTJ was born to manage. They are often seen by others as people they can depend on. They will often volunteer for more work and responsibility than others. The type is also known for a raucous sense of humour.
In love relationships they can be very good at managing emotions to the point of control. Don’t expect a quick courtship out of an ESTJ. They enjoy organizing and planning events and everything has a plan.
Family events and rituals are the symbols of an ESTJ’s cultural heritage; therefore it must be honoured with the strictest adherence and most loyal obedience.
The ESTJ is a fixer of broken things and also believes in doing the job right. ESTJ’s believe in being ‘company men’ and give their loyalty in expectance of the company working for them. Other popular ESTJ career directions include: Government employee, Auditor, Electrical Engineer, Dentist.
The ESTJ is often viewed as a scholarly student, albeit somewhat mouthy and argumentative. The practical classes that deal in tangible results often appeal to the ESTJ more than those of an abstract nature. The idea of hard work is never far from their core.

Facilitator Caretaker
The ESFJ is often viewed as schedulers who like to schedule friends the same they would a dance card. They also often make for great friends who will listen to others and are very loyal.
In love relationships ESFJ’s can be tough to deal with. They won’t be taken for granted but are also slow to verbalize their needs. They are also often intensely loyal and will put their own needs well below the needs of a mate.
The family is very important to the ESFJ but it needs to be a family in schedule and organized. The fun of a family reunion can get tiresome for the ESFJ if the organization breaks down, however, they want to see the joy that a family can bring.
The ESFJ is interested in serving humanity; nursing, public school teaching, and psychology are all fields that are full of ESFJ’s. Jobs in computers, science or consulting can be very stressful for the ESFJ due to their demand for theory and speculation. Other popular ESTJ career directions include: Nurse, Social Worker, Counsellor, Massage Therapist.
The ESFJ likes a teacher who sticks to the lesson plan. They are usually neat and easy to be around. When there is organization the ESFJ is punctual and displays good work habits. This type is often identified as the perfect student.

Envisioned Mentor
The ENFJ is known as the great communicator. They often focus their direction on other people and are adept at understanding other people. They are ready to lead friends and display loyalty to those who follow them.
In love relationships the ENFJ is looking for happiness. They do sometimes over indulge in this pursuit and can forget to listen to a mate rather than force their view.
Family events are fun for the ENFJ. Without even being asked the ENFJ will assume responsibility for entertaining those around them. If the ENFJ is affirmed, all the better for their efforts.
ENFJ’s are drawn to careers that serve others with minimal chance for conflict. Detail and paperwork can cause angst for the ENFJ who hates to be alone. They are often drawn to religious groups and academia, situations where they can interact with others and be challenged. Other popular ENFJ career directions include: Entertainer, Artist, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist.
The ENFJ is an imitation learner. They like to have role models or heroes and do their best to emulate them. They will follow these heroes to roles that may be far away from their natural talents.

Strategist Mobilizer
This type is known as life’s natural leader and treats his friends accordingly. Those who can stand up to them will gain respect, especially if they’re right. Confrontation is a means of enjoyment for the ENTJ, which can get old for friends.
In matters of the heart the ENTJ can be quite a chore. They are often shocked to hear they appear angry. The natural inclination for confrontation is often seen as abrasive and discouraging.
In the family the ENTJ loves the opportunity to organize and lead. It’s also a chance for intellectual exchange and battle with robust encounters. The ENTJ looks forward to these types of events.
Success is the bottom line for the ENTJ as he/she ascends the corporate ladder. The ENTJ is a classic corporate type that has no fear of challenging old ways in the face of new more successful ways. Military leaders can often be found under this type, an example being Douglas MacArthur. Other popular ENTJ career directions include: Attorney, Chemical Engineer, Business Consultant and Network Integration.
The competitive nature of the ENTJ makes them a good student who will constantly challenge everyone and everything in the name of learning. This does not always please a teacher who receives their questions.
Now take a look at your current job or prospective employment path and see if you fit into expectations.

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