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I am sick to the teeth of police protecting bailiffs even though under their oath they should be protecting the foundations of common law, and should never attend any civil enforcement action being undertaken unless proof of distress has occurred or is about to!… Yet they continue to involve themselves in civil disputes…. so Marsden and this look at me we are tv stars and bailiffs so we are always right and not illicit in our Actions.Can’t Pay We WILL Take it away wannabees.. gets away with what they do because people are unaware of the actual laws / acts and are unaware of the correct complaints procedures. I know of one case where a Marsden employee forcibly entered 5 properties and the police did nothing…If he was a registered / licenced bailiff, why did the FCA do nothing. Of course you have to know the circumstanced behind those actions of the bailiff which I do not

So I have put a few simple procedures to follow.

1) Act in a professional manner at all times,,, I know you are only trying to enforce your rights but enforce them in a professional manner…. Do not swear, attempt to belittle or harass any individual knocking at your door. Do not use objectionable words or actions that could be perceived as threatening, abusive or character detrimental to the individual. In short don’t stick 2 fingers up to the bailiff and say fuck off you wanker you are not coming in; I know my rights.
2) Invite the most senior policeman present into your property stating I would like to show you something sir could you please come with me for a moment… Sit the policeman down in a calm environment and show him the relevant information applicable to your case. It is futile getting into a 3 way argument between the bailiff, yourselves and the policeman, for if you have ever done this between yourself and your friends you should be able to see that in most circumstances it is impossible to digest and collate the information being given in a heated discussion… So diffuse the you said I said argument and show him or her the information and Law or Act that proves you to be in the right…

Most of you have issues with a warrant and most of you determine that warrant to be illegally served… Most of you believe that a warrant served without it having a signature of the JP / Magistrate / QC in wet ink and not having a crown seal and it must have been signed under oath!!……….. Where does it say that! For if you can not prove that to be factual by pointing out the correct information and showing that information to the policeman, you are doing nothing more stating what you believe to be true and that my friends is nothing more than an assumption. Just because somebody says it or has told you it is true does not mean diddly squat.

If you are going to go to war with somebody make sure you have the right ammunition….. The police are not solicitors they have no understanding of complex law or specific Acts . You have a duty of responsibility to yourself to ensure those parts of the law or acts which you argue are presented in a non contestable black and white defacto argument…

3) Understand the difference between a licensed and non licensed bailiff; and a High court Bailiff / Enforcement Officer.
Did you know that there are four types of bailiffs.
Private bailiffs. These types of bailiffs can be self-employed, employed by a private firm or employed by another organisation. …
County Court bailiff. …
High Court Enforcement Officers. …
Magistrates Court bailiff.
Do you know the difference? for if you do not, how the hell can you stop them enforcing that action and how the hell can you dictate what rights you have under a specific scenario.
It is no good stating that under common law you have this right or other, it is no good stating that under clause 39 and 40 of the Magna Carta you have such and such a right. Show it the prove it, It is not difficult…
If you have a specific issue with how a bailiff or a enforcement agent and their company has acted make a complaint, help rid the world of these people…

Firstly the registers to check bailiff’s

High Court enforcement officers register…/authorised-members-directory
HCEO complaints procedure…/compl…/complaints-procedure.html…
Code Of Practice…/code-of-pr…/code-of-practice.html
High Court Enforcement fees…/taking-control-of-goods-fees-reg…
Enforcement Regulations…/the-high-court-enforcement-offic…

List of courts and tribunals etc

Bailiff Fees…/ho…/check-bailiffs-fees/

Complaints to courts…/hm-courts-a…/about/complaints-procedure

Civil enforcement register

Code of Practice

How to complain

Now the important ones
The FCA Enforcement Procedures
Our Enforcement division supports our objectives by making it clear there are real and meaningful consequences for firms and individuals who don’t follow the rules.
The most important one
Debt collectors and authorisation…/authorisat…/process/debt-collectors

The register Search for a bailiff

whistle blow on a bailiff

So I own a site here you will find the entirety of the law or act and hopefully those of you in the know who can justify their understanding of any act or law will post your proven arguments here…. simply put if you know about section 22 of the tellytubbys act 1984 then I would like you to post it here. Purely for the simple reason that I am collating legitimised arguments for people to view and find should it be deemed necessary…
I have put each law here and a pdf document download of that law or act.. hopefully those people that are in the know of an act or law will post their knowledge in that specific law or act forum… so people can review when needed… Of course I only have a few at this moment but this is a people power site run by people for people… My goal is to rid this country of every liar, cheat, bully and scammer that goes under the guise of a bailiff… I make no money from this, I have no advertising and no other form of income derived…. it is here for the benefit of the people… POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


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